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by Henrietta Thornton

The fourth in Gerhardsen’s best-selling Hammarbyeries reveals a horrible history in a Swedish town that on the surface seems to revolve around soccer games, …

by Brian Kenney

A beautifully rendered story of deceit and ambition, lies and mysteries. Well-known artist Vanessa Chapman lives on an island off Scotland that’s accessible only …

by Jeff Ayers

After a long gap, Jance brings back former Seattle Homicide Detective, now Private Investigator, J.P. Beaumont, and, like a fine wine, Beaumont ages well. …

by Brian Kenney

Cooking as entertainment, from reality shows to competitions to documentaries, couldn’t be more popular, and Murrin’s decision to set Knife Skills in the heart …

by Willy Williams

As the third son of a modestly landed family, James Willoughby has been told from an early age that he must earn a living …

by Henrietta Thornton

I could have sworn that Tami Hoag had an Oprah Book Club pick years ago. That’s what spurred me to pick this up–I usually …