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by Brian Kenney

The many fans of Jane Pek’s first book, The Verifiers, will be thrilled to get their hands on this new novel featuring the indomitable …

by Brian Kenney

Having left behind her life in Baltimore, 20-year-old Ruby Young has settled in a so-so apartment in a so-so Boston neighborhood. The previous tenant …

by Henrietta Thornton

The very ancient and the more recent past, the glamor of the fashion world and the dust from excavating for antiquities meet in Davis’s …

by Jeff Ayers

Assassin Nick Mason can never be free from responsibilities or his past; his latest job proves it. To keep his young daughter and ex-wife …

by Henrietta Thornton

The ultra-wealthy Wieland family seems determined to prove that money can’t buy happiness. Their pain-filled past has created a persistent myth that they’re cursed, …

by Henrietta Thornton

Christmas and cozies just go together. And the setting of this particular cozy series, Sea Isle in rural Scotland, is even more perfect than …