by Brian Kenney

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by Henrietta Thornton

What’s better than a gripping story that also teaches you a ton about a fascinating subject? That’s just what readers will get in Goldberg’s …

by Henrietta Thornton

Addison, author of the Enchanted Bay series, brings her lively voice to a series debut featuring a heroine to remember. Historian Sidney Taylor, a …

by Brian Kenney

Silly me. I’ve long held a bias against novels written from the grave (sorry V. C. Andrews!), where the author has died and someone …

by Brian Kenney

Any cozy reader will assure you that there are few places more dangerous than the community garden. And Maggie Walker—who helped create the garden …

by Jeff Ayers

A missing nine-year-old boy has Deputy Mattie Wray bring her K-9 partner, Robo, into uncharted territory to initiate a search and rescue for him …

by Willy Williams

Mary Higgins Clark Award-finalist Rowell’s second mystery featuring Kiowa professional storyteller Mae “Mud” Sawpole opens in media res as she attends a cleansing and …