by Brian Kenney

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by Henrietta Thornton

Lazaridis’s previous work, Terra Nova (Pegasus, 2022), alternated between men trekking to the South Pole and the fight by one of their wives back …

by Brian Kenney

The novel opens with the abduction of a young woman, Shindo—a butch, menswear-wearing, expert fighter—who is taken away by the yakuza, a crime syndicate. …

by Henrietta Thornton

I want to be a fly on the wall when this explosive drama is discussed in book clubs. The “good guy” whose behavior they …

by Jeff Ayers

The USS Stethem is cruising in international waters when it is bombed and sunk by a torpedo. Evidence leads to the Iranians, but what …

by Brian Kenney

A richly drawn, deeply felt novel in which every one of its 544 pages is absolutely enthralling. It’s Alec Salter’s fiftieth birthday—just days before …

by Willy Williams

In his ninth outing, Commissaire Georges Dupin is reluctantly attending a team-building police seminar with his officious boss in the Breton port city of …