by Brian Kenney

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by Jeff Ayers

Sports agent and former attorney Myron Bolitar works closely with his best friend, Win, in a lavish office in New York City. FBI agents …

by Brian Kenney

Things couldn’t get much worse for Ellery. She’s all alone at a super-expensive resort in Big Sur where she and her husband were meant …

by Henrietta Thornton

This sequel to Trussoni’s 2023 The Puzzle Master (my favorite book of all time!) finds savant Mike Brink once more faced with a puzzle …

by Brian Kenney

Mavis is one busy single mom. Pearl, her seven-year-old, is smart, funny, and chatty. Her ex, who tries to be a good dad, is …

by Henrietta Thornton

If you like a jaw-dropping twist, this is the book for you, and I mean the reaction literally: at one point in this great …

by Brian Kenney

This fifth in the Hawthorne and Horowitz series is a delightful homage to the classic crime fiction of Agatha Christie’s era, complete with a …