by Brian Kenney

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by Brian Kenney

This is the year in which British women are taking up arms—or knives, poisons, or other instruments—and knocking off the bad men in their …

by Henrietta Verma

Katharine Wright, a teacher when we meet her in 1903, has her work cut out at home as well as at the high school …

by Brian Kenney

We’re in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley where Jess and her business partner, Kat, are opening the Pearl, a B&B in their hometown that …

by Henrietta Verma

Authors Jeff Ayers and Jon Land, writing as A.J. Landau, start a new, contemporary series with a literal bang: an explosion that topples the …

by Jeff Ayers

A parent’s worst nightmare comes true for news anchor Corina and her family in Mofina’s gripping thriller. Six-year-old Gabriel is playing in Central Park …

by Willy Williams

It’s 1869 in the newly renamed capital of Tokyo, a year after the political revolution known as the Meiji Restoration overthrew the ruling Tokugawa …